Neil's Fitness studio membership- 24/7 access to my training studio. ​$35/month *Billed monthly*

Contest prep- Diet, training, peak weak, carb loading, all included. $150/mo  *12 weeks recommended for optimum conditioning*

*Get the basics of training and nutrition*

12 week TRANSFORMATION Program- same offer as the 6 week program but at a better deal! Get constant feedback and coaching, program adjustments and all the answers to your questions.**Recommended** $235.00

6 week Program- including program adjustments AS you change, constant feedback and coaching and as much help as you need during the entire 6 weeks.$155.00

Standard Diet/training Program-Already have a handle on your fitness but just want a little help? Choose this! $99.00

Neil's fitness studio membership(Upgraded)- 24/7 access plus diet and workout program- full online coaching. ​$100/month

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